Fieldsports Channel News, 30 January 2019

In this week’s bulletin:

▶ Roy Lupton on quiz show
Doctor’s surgery is ‘conscientious objector’ to legal gun ownership
▶ Antis want to stop Sainsbury’s from culling feral pigeons
Clay-coloured pigeons are not clay pigeons (for real)
▶ Clay-coloured pigeons are not clay pigeons (for real)
▶ Derbyshire arrests suspected poachers
▶ Cheshire Police says don’t trust antis 
▶ Chris Packham angers his #realnewforest neighbours

▶ Liveline radio show attacks hunter
▶ ‘Persectued’ hen harrier found alive and well
▶ Blaser launches R8 in .22LR
▶ Denmark builds ‘pig-proof’ wall

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