Anti hunters make mistake after mistake

It has been a bad week for animal rights extremists. One group wants to stop pest control at a supermarket, others are calling for an end to the cruel practice of clay pigeon shooting, and Cheshire Police has released a statement saying don’t trust anti-hunting posts you read online.

Antis posted this picture on Facebook alongside the name and phone number of a Sanisbury’s store manager in order to stop a feral pigeon cull

A group of antis are trying to stop Sainsbury’s from culling feral pigeons. London Wildlife Protection posted the name and telephone number of the manager of a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Kent after revealing that the store culls feral pigeons for hygiene reason.

In other animal rights news, some antis are taking seriously a spoof post on Facebook about protecting clay pigeons. A page called ‘The world is not PC enough’ says that ‘callous hunters’ are breeding clay-coloured pigeons to be released by a medieval catapult into the air and shot out of the sky. It posted these two pictures to support its claims. Some antis think this is real.

‘Clay-coloured’ pigeon
Real clay pigeon