It has been a bad week for animal rights extremists. One group wants to stop pest control at a supermarket, others are calling for an end to the cruel practice of clay pigeon shooting, and Cheshire Police has released a statement saying don’t trust anti-hunting posts you read online.

Antis posted this picture on Facebook alongside the name and phone number of a Sanisbury’s store manager in order to stop a feral pigeon cull

A group of antis are trying to stop Sainsbury’s from culling feral pigeons. London Wildlife Protection posted the name and telephone number of the manager of a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Kent after revealing that the store culls feral pigeons for hygiene reason.

In other animal rights news, some antis are taking seriously a spoof post on Facebook about protecting clay pigeons. A page called ‘The world is not PC enough’ says that ‘callous hunters’ are breeding clay-coloured pigeons to be released by a medieval catapult into the air and shot out of the sky. It posted these two pictures to support its claims. Some antis think this is real.

‘Clay-coloured’ pigeon

Real clay pigeon

Meanwhile, a police force has warned the public not to always believe what they see and read on social media about fox hunting. Cheshire Police says that, “frequently, video footage does not reflect the full scenario”. In a carefully worded statement, Cheshire Police revealed how the propaganda war waged by anti hunt activists and huntsmen and women on websites like Facebook is often “based on inaccurate information”. The move comes after Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs posted edited video footage online of violence against a protester during a hunt. But after detectives saw the entire clip and wider context they decided to not pursue prosecutions. Antis say they feel ‘alienated’.

Anti hunters make mistake after mistake