Fieldsports Britain – FerretCam – amazing rabbit-hunting footage, episode 176

We’re hunting rabbits with ferrets and, for the first time, we have given the little animals movie cameras to record all the underground action. The rabbits are damaging crops and hedgerows, so the farmer wants them removed. Ferrets are the best option, and Shooting Times columnist Simon Whitehead is the UK’s best-known ferreter. He is bolting the rabbits to shotguns. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton is getting kitted up for the start of our news series on airgunning, Pellet Power & Performance, and Mark Gilchrist ends his two-parter on how to get permission to go shooting. There are the regulars: News Stump features American gun control, dead cats and fighting deer, Hunting YouTube has everything from roebuck to carp to bobcat, and Hallo Charlie leads on pigeons shooters. What else could you possibly want to watch on telly? #FieldsportsBritain

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Ferret Cam

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