Fieldsports Britain : Stalking red deer + high-octane ratting with terriers

He’s hunting stags but it’s a mercy killing as Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam takes out two unhealthy red hinds from the Cumbrian herd in this week’s show. He also takes time to test the new Subaru Forester.. has the farmer’s friend gone soft?
Andy Crow’s rat problem comes to an end thanks to a JCB, a pack of terriers, a lurcher and a bunch of men with sticks. He moves his bales in his barn to create the ratting equivalent of five-a-side football. Then there are the regulars. Howard Kirby of Mullenscote Gundogs is showing how to train your dog with a tennis racket and ball, in the latest of the Skinners Petfoods-sponsored training tips films. News Stump features antis in the UK, USA and Malta, a gamekeeper’s daughter in Wales and a shark attack in Hawaii. Kit Special is looking at the Ruger Ranch Rifle, the Steyr Scout and Hammerli airguns. And Hunting YouTube brings you the best hunting, shooting and fishing available on the rest of YouTube. What more can television possibly offer?

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Andrew Ucles
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