Fieldsports Britain – Start of the Gooseshooting Season

Roy’s on a major gooseshooting trip to Sweden with Aimpoint and the amazing Gustaffsons, where 50-bird days are minimum. He hooks up with YouTube channel Feliew. They burst out of hides hidden in the stubble to build amazing bags, using a Micro S1 Aimpoint site. Meanwhile, Charlie is off with his dad, shooting butterflies with a miniature shotgun – pest control on a micro scale. News and Hunting YouTube add up to a lengthy episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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To go shooting with Simon and Ulf Gustaffson, go to
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To find out about Albert Meek’s butterfly shooting, visit
Click here for all of Charlie’s films on Fieldsports Channel

News is sponsored by Percussion
BBC produces pro-shooting film
Gamekeeper convicted for shooting owls

RSPB staff kill osprey chick
Denmark legalises falconry
Romania lightens restrictions on firearms
France cuts the cost of a hunting licenceA
Swedish animal rights activists release 5,000 mink
Swedish farmer loses sheep to recently released wolves
‘Shining’ hotel becomes haunt of bear

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▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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