Fieldsports Britain – Monster Screaming Pheasants

It’s one of the country’s most challenging high-bird shoots. Ross Neville pits himself against the pheasants and partridges of the Sweet Lamb shoot in Wales, not just a rally circuit but a thriving shoot as well. Will he succeed – or will they race past him? Meanwhile, Andy Crow is shooting pigeons on the farm in Kent, and trialling new cartridges, tweaked gun and a new cameraman. Plus we are in the frozen wonderland of the Rhodopes Mountains stalking chamois with Al Khametov. Aaron takes over the Fieldsports Channel News Stump this week, there is Hunting YouTube, making this a hugely varied episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Sweet Lamb Pheasants

For the Browning Crown, go to
To go shooting at Sweet Lamb, visit
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Thanks to British Rally Media for the shot of the car. Visit their channel at

Balkan Chamois

You can’t hunt where Al is hunting without an invitation. There is a local sporting agent which offers a wide range of animals, including fenced estates. Visit
Click here for all our films with Al
Thanks to Stiliyan Kadrev for filming this item


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News is sponsored by Percussion
Hunting dogs fall off cliff
Anti anger over National Trust boar cull
Cheltenham Countryside Race Day
OneKind calls for contraceptives for deer
Shooter bags double-headed deer
Hunters spend more than double non-hunting tourists
Lanarkshire racoon caught
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