Fieldsports Britain – Should We Shoot Running Deer?

We are shooting fast moving deer in this week’s episode. Do you want to see driven big game hunting in the UK? Or do you like your deer to stand still? Roy Lupton shoots some spectacular running animals as he weighs up the arguments for and against. They try driven muntjac days with the experts from Aimpoint in woodland in the South-East of England. Meanwhile, Orkney has seen a greylag goose boom that’s attracting gooseshooters from all over the world. Local goose guide Steve Rogers takes a party out from a London gun club. We are giving away a £1,000 Kite Optics scope and a £600 Aimpoint rifle sight, so you have to watch it for those. There’s the Fieldsports Channel News Stump and Hunting YouTube, completing a bumper episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Moving (driving) deer

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