Fieldsports Britain – Hunting the delicious Black Grouse

Black grouse are among the most popular gamebirds in Scandinavia, both for the hunt and for cooking afterwards. Game chef Cai Ap Bryn goes black grouse hunting and cooking in Finland. In the latest in his Hunt & Cook series, he uses the same Sauer 404 rifle he used for last week’s elk hunt. Last week’s calibre was a 9.3×62. now he has swapped the barrel over for a 6.5×55. Meanwhile, Charlie is in Las Vegas looking for new gun and ammunition launches at this year’s #ShotShow. And Wayne Martin brings us his latest catapult shooting tips. David is on the Fieldsports Channel news stump and we reveal the top hunting YouTube channels of 2019 in this week’s Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Hunt & Cook black cock

For more about Blaser Clothing, Sauer rifles and Minox scopes, talk to the distributor via – or got to and
To hunt moose with Jarkko and Matti email
Cai’s website is
Click here for all of Cai’s films on Fieldsports Channel

Shot Show 2019

Charlie looks at:
Winchester Extreme Point Copper Impact ammunition
9.3 PRC calibre rifles from Mauser and Ruger
Christensen Arms Traverse rifle
Daniel Defense Delta 5 rifle
Savage Model 10 High Country rifle
Winchester Wildcat .22LR
Aimpoint Acro P1
Zeiss RF binos and app

▶ Slingshots and rubber

For more about Wayne’s slingshots, visit
Wayne is sponsored by Jack Pyke. Visit

News is sponsored by Percussion
Packham plans to be rude to royal family
British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships
Shooter anger over bird carcase dumping
Antis swear at hunt supporter
For a full news round-up, go to

▶ For the channel rankings in Hunting YouTube, visit


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