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Here’s why holidaymaking deerstalkers should shoulder the deer cull in the UK. Just as the Scottish government plans to hire professional deer shooters, Tim Pilbeam and Niall Rowantree point out that there’s a huge, free resource available to the Scottish taxpayer: hunting tourism. Tim is the tourist and Niall the professional deer manager who briefs him and lets him loose, in this case after red hinds. On the shotgun front, top shot Ben Husthwaite explains the incoming chandelle. Last week, it was the going-away version. His technique for this one is completely different. There’s News and Hunting YouTube to round up this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

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Rucksack & Rifle

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Smokin’ Targets

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Fieldsports Shop

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Fieldsports Ireland

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Gavin Gardiner Guns:

Grouse prospects:

Fieldsports News
RSPB condemns grouseshooting – YouTube
Hampshire gamekeeper saves stone curlews – Facebook
Gamekeepers win awards – Scottish Gamekeepers Association
Holts Charity Clay Shoot & Auction – Holts Auctioneers
Police using thermal drones to combat rural crime – YouTube
British Medical Journal blames deer for Lyme disease – BMJ
Orkney stoat project hires hounds
Hunt sabs target scout group – Facebook
India may boycott 2022 Commonwealth Games over shooting
Bright green Sauer rifle makes €30k – Sauer
Malta to ease shooting restrictions
Puffin hunting fake news – Daily Telegraph
Antis 22-year-old woman Sammi Lee from New Zealand – Instagram
Swedish antis destroy hundreds of highseats – SVT
Tanzanian minister of natural resources makes the case for hunting – Facebook
Wombat shooting in Australia

▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:

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