Fieldsports Britain – Our Tenth Birthday

Are hunting and shooting popular? They certainly are, if Fieldsports Channel’s tenth birthday is anything to go by. We round up 10 years of filming, thousands of films and – at the last count – 7.5 million viewers on YouTube. We talk to the guys involved, Roy, Ti, Crow and the rest Aaron makes a silly animation about this history of Fieldsports Channel. We get a shout-out from the Hunting YouTubers AND from Vinnie Jones, we look to the future and our voice in the debate about Countrysports – and how you can help – and we even raise a glass to those who have helped but are no longer with us. There’s even time for David to mount the News Stump and tell us the latest controversies about grouse shooting. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

Here are the links:

What the team thinks

Fieldsports Nation
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Fieldsports Shop
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Fieldsports News
Mass trespasses of grouse shoots – Fieldsports News
Hen harrier breeding ‘astonishing success’ – Facebook
RSPB opposes hen harrier introduction scheme  – YouTube
Sir Ian Botham slams Jeremy Corbyn’s grouse shooting plans – Daily Telegraph
BASC defends grouseshooting – Twitter
Charlie vs Packham, Avery and Tingay – Bird Fair website
Golden eagles – YouTube
Shooting may be back in Commonwealth Games 2022
Ireland to ban coursing – Fieldsports News
African swine fever hits Eastern Europe
Wolves keep down wild boar in Rome
Hunters release lions – Facebook
£40m for a Texas hunting ranch – YouTube
Canadian wolf attack – CBC
Nigel Dewing and Teddy Wells. Here’s Nigel’s stickmaking page on Facebook

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