Fieldsports Britain – Our Tenth Birthday

Are hunting and shooting popular? They certainly are, if Fieldsports Channel’s tenth birthday is anything to go by. We round up 10 years of filming, thousands of films and – at the last count – 7.5 million viewers on YouTube. We talk to the guys involved, Roy, Ti, Crow and the rest Aaron makes a […]

Antis’ mass grouse shoot trespass underway

Antis’ mass grouse shoot trespass underway

Mass trespass of grouse shoots is underway, as antis in black balaclavas take to the moors to try to stop shooters enjoy the Glorious 12th. The antis’ ‘hen harrier day’ in Derbyshire on 11 August 2019 was the rallying point – on 12 August, they are trying to close down shoots taking place across the […]

Fatal disease in hares briefly stops coursing in its tracks

A disease that has jumped from rabbits to hares briefly led to a ban on coursing in Ireland. Following the first confirmed case of type 2 rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHDV2) in hares, found in Co Wexford and Co Clare, Ireland’s Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht suspended licences issued to the Irish Coursing Club […]


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