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One of the Kings of England named ratting as his favourite sport. It’s easy to see why. We’re out with the Kent & Sussex Ratters as they take apart an old farmyard. It’s a haven for rats, and their dogs work hard to despatch as many as they can. Plus we are deerstalking with thermal: is it sporting? Tim Pilbeam and Cai Ap Bryn discuss. And we have the story of a peregrine killed in Derbyshire. The antis say it was shot. We find out that it was run over. David’s is on the News Stump and Charlie has Hunting YouTube, completing this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Fieldsports News
Parliament to ponder driven grouse ban – again – Wild Justice press release
BASC says no game bird deal with supermarket – Facebook
Dachshund Maisie sweeps top Crufts prize – Facebook
Thieves make off with Paul Childerley’s dog – Facebook
Deer gets plastic bag stuck on head – Twitter
Otter killer earns prison time – Dorset Police
Stockport ‘thugs’ intimidate hunt – Facebook
Rainiest hunt season in living memory comes to close – Facebook
Campaign to get game on the dinner table – #gamemeatmarch
Suburban man petitions against goose hunters – local newspaper
Danish fair falls victim to virus – local newspaper and YouTube
Rifle recoil puts German star in hospital – Instagram
White giraffes killed by poachers – local newspaper
Class action considered against ‘anti-gun’ firms – contact and Facebook
Kids taught hunting and gun safety – RecoilWeb and YouTube

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