‘ZERO consultation’: Gamebore/Lyalvale Express reinforce lead phase out claims

Cartridge maker Lyalvale Express has joined Gamebore in reinforcing their statement a week ago they were told nothing about a planned lead phase-out out declared by shooting organisations on 24th February.

Lyalvale Express said it “stands firm on all points” in the statement, that Eley Hawk and Hull Cartridge also signed.

Earlier on Friday, Gamebore repeated its stance “in the strongest possible terms”.

“Gamebore had ZERO consultation with any of the 9 shooting organisations,” the new statement said, adding that the company was never invited to “any meetings to discuss a voluntary phasing out of plastic wads and lead shot”. It insisted it was never even aware the meetings were taking place.

The company did admit to being “made privy to the announcement only on Wednesday19th February, three working days before the publication in The Times on 24th February”. Both companies said they were sent “a single email” from the Gun Trade Association. Gamebore said the GTA phoned them as well. “By this point the decision had already been made, with the announcement already written and signed,” Gamebore said in its statement,

Both slammed the notifications as being far from consultations.

The company said it hopes the new statement “answers the large volume of questions being asked” regarding its involvement. It wrapped it up by saying it “would have welcomed the opportunity to give guidance on manufacturing capabilities had we been approached”.

Lyalvale Express said it has “a wealth of knowledge and expertise” after 30 years in the business and continued to develop “alternative products benefiting the industry” and shooters.

The previous joint statement came just days after the shooting organisations, which included BASC, the Countryside Alliance, GWCT and the National Gamekeepers Organisation, said they want lead dead.


Here’s our latest story on the phase out:

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