Packham pushes grouse back into Parliament – Fieldsports News, 11 March 2020

  Here are the links: Parliament to ponder driven grouse ban – again – Wild Justice press release BASC says no game bird deal with supermarket – Facebook Dachshund Maisie sweeps top Crufts prize – Facebook Thieves make off with Paul Childerley’s dog – Facebook Deer gets plastic bag stuck on head – Twitter Otter […]

‘Shot’ peregrine killed by car

When newspapers reported the death of a peregrine, they copied and pasted the press release from animal rights activists. It had been shot, they said. Ben O’Rourke visits Belper in Derbyshire and finds out that it had been run over. It may have had lead shot in it as well, but that could have been […]

Thermal sights: are they sporting?

  Cai Ap Bryn and Tim Pilbeam go deerstalking with thermal. They know that it’s amazingly effective – but is it too effective? Join their debate and leave your answer in the comments below. ▶ For Pulsar in the UK go to

Smoke, terriers and a fountain of rats

Rats, terriers, children, the elderly – throw them all into a farmyard and the rats won’t survive the encounter. See what happens when we join the Kent & Sussex Ratters. Find the Kent & Sussex Ratters on Facebook Kent & Somerset Ratters terrier portraits

Fieldsports Britain – Ratting Riot

  One of the Kings of England named ratting as his favourite sport. It’s easy to see why. We’re out with the Kent & Sussex Ratters as they take apart an old farmyard. It’s a haven for rats, and their dogs work hard to despatch as many as they can. Plus we are deerstalking with […]


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