Fieldsports Britain – Cai’s thermal rabbit hunt


Rabbits are in trouble. Cai Ap Bryn has a thermal scope that he’s trying out on the range, and then on the bunnies. It’s the Pulsar Thermion, and it is devastatingly effective. Plus crows, rooks and jackdaws are piling in to an orchard in Somerset, and Matt Turley is there to shoot them. We have the results of our Fieldtester survey into PCP airguns, David reads the news from the News Stump, and Charlie has this week’s Hunting YouTube, celebrating the week’s best hunting films on YouTube, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Matt Turley is back – and this time he is shooting crows, rooks and jackdaws over an orchard. He is protecting the apple crop from the birds with decoys. Plus he and his mate Nigel test steel shot at range to see if it’s as good as lead.

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Fieldsports News
Loosened lockdown leads to surge in shoot interest – GunsOnPegs
Pheasant poult prices hold, despite lockdown – Fieldsports News
Gamekeepers enlisted in Cairngorms capercaillie project – Strathspey Herald
Spitting sab victim donates compensation to hunt – Countryside Alliance
Science sheds new light on heather burning – Moorland Association
Prime minister’s fiancée promises trophy hunting import ban – Daily Telegraph
US network echoes BBC, claims national parks ‘are racist’ – MSN
Online petition to scrap New Zealand tahr cull – petition
West Australia wildlife officer scrutinised over trophy hunting – ABC
Commercialisation of Tasmania deer will wipe out species – Facebook
Florida sheriff may deputise gun owners if protests escalate – Daily Mail and Congressional Sportsman
Beckham goes CottageCore – Guardian

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