Shoots set to boom – Fieldsports News, 8 July 2020


Here are the links

Loosened lockdown leads to surge in shoot interest – GunsOnPegs
Pheasant poult prices hold, despite lockdown – Fieldsports News
Gamekeepers enlisted in Cairngorms capercaillie project – Strathspey Herald
Spitting sab victim donates compensation to hunt – Countryside Alliance
Science sheds new light on heather burning – Moorland Association
Prime minister’s fiancée promises trophy hunting import ban – Daily Telegraph
US network echoes BBC, claims national parks ‘are racist’ – MSN
Online petition to scrap New Zealand tahr cull – petition
West Australia wildlife officer scrutinised over trophy hunting – ABC
Commercialisation of Tasmania deer will wipe out species – Facebook
Florida sheriff may deputise gun owners if protests escalate – Daily Mail and Congressional Sportsman
Beckham goes CottageCore – Guardian

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