Fieldsports Britain – The Glorious Twelfth 2020


We have grouse, fox shooting and the most popular night vision kit in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. Packham doesn’t give a stuff about moorland communities. We do – and we are finding out how important the Glorious Twelfth is to the people in them. Look out for wonderful Daisy. In the South of England, Roy Lupton has a problem with foxes digging into his paddocks and taking fawns. He sets up one night with a duvet and thermal gear to thin the numbers, with success. And if you are interested in night vision, we reveal the results of our thermal and night vision survey – what kit Fieldsports Channel viewers use when it gets dark. Charlie puts out the best hunting videos via this week’s Hunting YouTube and David – or ‘Bob’ as we now call him (following his long-overdue haircut) – is on the News Stump. On the first day of the shooting season, surely this is everything you could want to watch?

Here are the links to the individual items in this show:

Grouse – full story
Grouse academic report: [PDF, 13mb]

Thermal foxing
For more about the Helion 2 thermal spotter, go to

Fieldsports News
Will heather bug ‘devastate’ grouse shooting? – Yorkshire Post
Hen Harrier Day an attack on gamekeeping
Socially-distanced grouse shoots – York Press
Gamekeeper tip leads to raid on egg thief’s home – Facebook
Virtual Hound Show gets underway
Chichester fly fishing festival confirmed – Orvis
Media tells lies about trophy hunting, say conservationists – academic paper
PETA picks on hunter for killing elephant – LA Times and GoFundMe
Keepers to record birds of prey on their shoots –
Birders sport dozens of rare birds on grousemoors – Facebook
Kiwi gun grab protest – NZ NewsHub
Deer’s head-butt call reaction – Twitter

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Hunting YouTube

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