Fieldsports Britain – The Glorious Twelfth 2020

  We have grouse, fox shooting and the most popular night vision kit in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. Packham doesn’t give a stuff about moorland communities. We do – and we are finding out how important the Glorious Twelfth is to the people in them. Look out for wonderful Daisy. In the South of England, Roy […]

Best Night Vision & Thermal 2020 First it was foxshooters who discovered how useful night vision is. Then badger cull contractors were trained in its use – and night vision went insitutional. Now deerstalkers use thermal for spotting animals. So, which thermal and night vision do you all use? For popularity among Fieldsports Channel viewers, two companies take the laurels. […]

Roy’s foxes from a hot tin roof

  When foxes killed the second of his muntjac fawns, Roy Lupton got mad. Tonight he is out to shoot the marauders from the roof of a nearby building. And it’s a successful night. For more about the Helion 2 thermal spotter, go to

Grouse’s heather beetle peril – Fieldsports News, 12 August 2020

  Here are the links: Will heather bug ‘devastate’ grouse shooting? – Yorkshire Post Hen Harrier Day an attack on gamekeeping Socially-distanced grouse shoots – York Press Gamekeeper tip leads to raid on egg thief’s home – Facebook Virtual Hound Show gets underway Chichester fly fishing festival confirmed – Orvis Media tells lies about […]


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