Fieldsports Britain – Highland horror stories: what Scotland is doing to its moors and mountains

What’s happened to Scotland’s wild places and its wild deer? Deerstalker Niall Rowantree takes a tour of the Highlands to find out. He visits Ardgay Game, he talks to deer scientist Dr Cathy Mayne and he stalks a red hind in an area earmarked for new trees. He meets locals to find out how Scottish government agencies and wildlife charities abandoned the Highlands as soon as the pandemic struck, leaving him and other gamekeepers to pick up the pieces as lockdown eased and people poured on to the moors and mountains for recreation. Staying in Scotland, and Roy Lupton has an appeal about eagle falconry, now that the Scottish government has protected mountain hares –  a ‘protection’, he argues , that will lead to their extinction. And staying with Niall, the police clear him and deerstalker Fraser Macdonald of the stag-in-water video, following complaints of cruelty by both animal rights extremists and some deerstalkers. We look at the role of the British Deer Society in this case. David is on the News Stump and Charlie has the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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