Stag shot in water – social media storm

You see a herd of deer running into water, as if someone is driving them. A team of stalkers is waiting for them. The shot looks dodgy – there is a house visible in the background. After the shot, the stag takes a full minute to die, floundering around in the water. The video causes a social media storm, and even makes it into a newspaper.

But is that what really happened? We talk to the stalker concerned, Fraser Macdonald, and one of the film’s main detractors, Andy Richardson. We uncover the role of the British Deer Society. And we get a verdict on the film from firearms expert Andrew Venables.

That was in November 2020. Two months later and Police Scotland is still investigating the Facebook post. It requested that the shooter in the film, Fraser Macdonald, surrender his firearms.

We made a Freedom of Information request to find out how much the investigation has cost the taxpayer and how many police officers are involved. Police Scotland says it is unable to answer our request. Independent experts put the sum for two months of investigation at close to six figures. Fraser says he has heard nothing.

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