Fieldsports Britain – problem deer in a pen

Paul has a problem muntjac to deal with on his Bedfordshire shoot. This is a job of work. It has got into a pheasant pen where it is in danger of scaring poults out of the pens and into the mouths of foxes. So he needs to shoot it, and he knows it’s likely to be a running shot. In the end, he gets the chance to take one of the best shots he has taken on a running deer. Does he do it? Find out here. Meanwhile, two 12-year-olds are getting into shooting. Tom Sadler and Arthur Warner head to the Ian Coley clayground in Gloucestershire for a lesson with instructor Matt Jones. And newspapers are howling at rage at anyone who goes shooting abroad. Charlie tracks down the latest victims of hate-speech from The Times and finds out how to deal with a journalist on a mission. There’s a special offer for GripSwell gloves and the competition this week is for Choke Demons. David has the news on the News Stump and Charlie comes out with his selection of the best hunting and shooting videos from YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

Offers, prizes and campaigns
For the GripSwell gloves offer, visit and use the voucher code ‘gripswell’
Win a Merkel K5 Arabesque rifle (£20 to enter)
To sign up for a free day’s shooting on the Browning Tour, visit
For the Choke Demon tool, go to
For our #WritetoBoris campaign, visit – all the details you need

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Hunting YouTube

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