Zac Goldsmith feels the heat – Fieldsports News, 7 July 2021

Here are the links:
Hunting tourism – UK consultation
Annie Lennox takes aim at Scottish rifle range – + Scottish parliament petition
Anti-hunting protest turns out to be group of three – Peterborough Today and Festival of Hunting
RSPB says eco-tourism could add up to £6.4 billion – report
RSPB reserve empty of game – Facebook
Antis try to axe falconer – Southend Echo
Grey squirrels can be released in situ – Order + Act
Scottish estate owners end shooting and stalking – Scottish Herald
How Europe’s hunters help conserve turtle doves – YouTube
Scientists confirm 50,000-year-old hunting trophy –
African poaching fall out – Getaway South Africa + Facebook
Is it a red stag? Is it an antelope?

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