RSPB’s new attack on gameshooting – Fieldsports News, 17 August 2022

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Here are the links:

  • RSPB ignores evidence on gamebird releasing – BASC
  • Secrets of merlins revealed in NGO film – YouTube
  • Study links broken hips with vegetarian diet – BBC
  • Namibia threatens to quit CITES over trophy hunting ban – Namibia Brief
  • Conservation expert Amy Dickman backs trophy hunting – The Conversation
  • IFAW sends 236 elephants to certain death – Mirror + African Parks +
  • Hunters oppose US lead ammunition ban – Instagram + SCI 
  • Fox kills Edinburgh zoo’s oldest rockhopper – BBC
  • Death threats made to official who ordered walrus death – +
  • Beluga whale dies during ‘rescue’ – BBC
  • Angler catches 28 stone, 7 foot halibut – AOL +
  • Gundogs included in $12¼ million American hunting estate sale – Wall Street Journal


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