Fieldsports Britain – Hounds, first trout, and recycling cartridges

Just when everything is going so well, a dogwalker comes and spooks your deer, your pigeons, pheasants, even your salmon. Isn’t it always the case? Well, on this occasion the dogwalker started shouting abuse at the stalker – and Fieldsports Channel has the camera on them when they did.
That’s not all. We’re also enjoying:
• Country house glory: we’re at the opening meet of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray at Petworth Park in Sussex.
• Young shots: we’re out after pheasants with schoolkids.
• First fish: when viewer Melissa Bowden said she had never caught a trout before, we packed her off to a trout farm to show what fun it can be.
• And just where do all those shot shells go? We meet the man who has worked out how to recycle shotgun cartridges – millions of them – in a machine which doesn’t mind when they go bang. Fieldsports Britain – not just better than anything on telly tonight – we’re like finding foie gras in a nut roast.

Here are the links:

Dog walker gets angry


Opening meet

Young shots

First fish

Recycling cartridges

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