Shooting Politics, episode 6, 28th October 2009

How Otis Ferry’s penknife made him a terrorist. We’re back at Harper Adams for a second week of our half-hour countrysports debate show Shooting Politics.
The panel discusses:
• Fantastic Mr Fox, now on release at cinemas: will it make monsters of foxshooters? Foxhunting freedom fighter Otis Ferry says: “We could do with a few less of them.”
• Trophies: what drives people to stick bits of animals on the wall? And why do other people dislike that? Harper student Huw Lloyd says: “It’s like someone going to a football match and keeping the ticket.”
• Rabbits: should the Government have lifted the compulsory control order this year? Shooting and hunting author Peter Holt says: “This is fluffy bunny politics. I’m always deeply suspicious of Natural England.”
• The criminalisation of countrysports: do country folk take less notice of the law now that they are all law breakers? Otis says: “It’s made the relationship between politicians, police and the rural community a very strenuous one – a lot of winking and a lot of backs being turned thanks to laws born out of political spite.”
• And what do the panellists carry in their pockets? All panellists agree string for the dog, whistle for the dog and a penknife. Peter says a pen to take down all those shooting invitations. Otis speaks about how his penknife caused him to be arrested for terrorism when he was caught putting up anti-hunting posters on Tony Blair’s house.
Once again on Fieldsports Channel, we’re here to inform the debates among fieldsports supporters – as well as entertain you all.

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