Fieldsports Britain – Fallow at last light

Hunter and game cook Cai ap Bryn is pushing the limits of the latest digital sights, setting out to shoot a fallow deer right on last light – and if he gets the opportunity of a bonus fox, he won’t turn his nose up. Airgun legend Terry Doe takes Nicole Moore under his wing to share a lifetime’s tips and techniques in our new Airgun Academy series. James Head from Crackshot says which day-night scopes are best for air rifles, David is on the news stump with festive news from the Boxing Day meets and James assembles the best films in this week’s Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain


Hedgerow Goblet Hunter, the HGH from CattyShack
Skinner’s dog food
Targets & Tins in Hampshire
Had problems with newspapers over hunting or shooting?

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Hunting YouTube

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