Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy

Terry Doe is the acknowledged master of airgun shooting, and in this new series he is passing on the skills, tips and techniques developed over a lifetime of hunting and competing. For details of the RTI range of air rifles and GPO scopes, go to www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk/ Terry’s rules for shooting safely Safety is fundamental to […]

Twilight deer stalking with the new HIK Alpex scope

Hunter and game cook Cai ap Bryn has got his hands on the latest thermal and day-night gear from HIK Micro, including the Alpex riflescope and Condor spotter. After a busy day of cooking he’s running out of time to shoot a fallow, but thanks to the high-tech kit he’s able to take a doe […]

Fieldsports Britain – Fallow at last light

Hunter and game cook Cai ap Bryn is pushing the limits of the latest digital sights, setting out to shoot a fallow deer right on last light – and if he gets the opportunity of a bonus fox, he won’t turn his nose up. Airgun legend Terry Doe takes Nicole Moore under his wing to […]

Basic night vision: a guide for airgunners

Night vision optics are a game changer for airgun hunting. With a day-night scope you can target rats and rabbits at night, and make the most of low light at dawn and dusk, when a lot of quarry is most likely to present an opportunity for a shot. But with so many options on the […]

Huge crowds support Boxing Day meets – Fieldsports News, 27 December 2023

Here are the links: Boxing Day hunt meets 2023 Countryside Alliance and Google Maps Farage hits back at ‘fun-hating’ activists GB News and YouTube Hunter fined for chasing fox BBC News Artificial intelligence to deter deer LNER.co.uk ‘Out of Africa’ hunting rifle goes for $35,000 Rock Island Auctions ‘Trusted Game’ conference TrustedGame.co.uk New flooding fear […]


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