Crowman, David, Charlie and friends – FieldsportsChannel Podcast ep02

Let’s go behind the scenes at Fieldsports Channel with episode 2 of the Fieldsports Podcast (here brought to life on YouTube with a little light filming).
▶ Charlie talks about his career as almost being a trained mime.
▶ David reveals his connection with a sticky mess in the back of an ice-cream truck and the time Julie Walters squeezing his mangos lead to eyebrow impotency.
▶ Andy Crow explains his thinking behind setting up his shooting hides and learning the patterns of how the pigeons think and behave. He answers viewer questions and how it all began with Fieldsports Channel, including how to shoot birds for the camera.
Plus there is Mrs Crow, Croatia’s friendliest sporting agent Tomo Svetic, Fieldsports Channel cameraman Andy Chastney and your host for this podcast, Aaron Jones. We are all shooting the breeze, relaxing at the end of a hard day’s shooting at the Blaser/Mauser/Sauer/Minox Skills day at Braces of Bristol.

This item appears alongside Fieldsports Britain, episode 446

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