What’s an Irish gun club? – Fieldsports Ireland, episode 8

Every year, a wildlife sanctuary in Co Kilkenny has a pigeon problem. Who do they call? Jenkinstown Gun Club. The lads from the club come in every year and roost shoot the birds. For Fieldsports Ireland episode 8, Jason Doyle joins them and finds out more about gun clubs and the Irish NARGC. Jason also harks back to the end of the pheasant season and goes out on the Shelton Abbey Shoot’s keeper’s day in Co Wicklow, where he first started pheasant shooting. It’s a 150-bird day. Plus, the clay shooting seasons is just around the corner and Jason catches up with Richard Faulds, who is designing the ICTSF World Sporting championship course in Co Meath in July 2019.

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Richard Faulds
ICTSF World Sporting championships, Co Meath, 3-6 July 2019 Facebook.com/wesp2019

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