Fox attacks baby in Norway

A fox has attacked a baby in Norway. After hearing his 10-month-old son Sander shrieking, Bjørn-Milliam Angell found a mangy fox in the baby’s cot. He threw a flowerpot at the animal, then grabbed the pram and pulled it away from the fox. The baby is recovering from scratches on his cheek and local foxshooters have been informed.

Sander (left) and Bjørn-Milliam Angell
Sander (left) and Bjørn-Milliam Angell

Local hunter Harald Mikkelsen led a team of shooters to find and despatch the animal. They found a mangy fox beneath farm machinery nearby, which they say is likely to be the culprit. He says: “It was a somewhat difficult hunt between homes and a new industrial area. The fox ran across a road, but we cut off its escape. A young lady who was in the hunting team was in the right place and got the fox. The animal was in such poor health that it would not have survived the winter.”

Fox attacks baby in Norway
The mangy ?
Foxshooter Siri Myhra

Thanks to Per Holmseth for sending us this story.

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