Gary Ivey: Devon & Cornwall gun grab case study

by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby 

Gary Ivey was returning home from a day’s shooting in October 2021 to his home in Plymouth when one of his daughters rang him to say there were armed police officers at his door. They were there to remove his guns. He didn’t know why – and he still doesn’t. Devon & Somerset Police refuse to say more than there was ‘a complaint against him’.

In 2011, he handed in his guns during his divorce, but he has no idea what other official reason the police would have for suddenly deciding he was not fit to hold firearms. Well, he has one reason – but he would be surprised if the police admitted it. He wrote to his local police & crime commissioner in early October 2021 expressing his fear that the Devon & Cornwall Police would use the Plymouth shootings to crack down on lawful gun owners. The armed police were at his door just a few days later.

Gary is now appealing against the revocation.

Compared to many shooters who have lost their guns in the mass seizure by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, Gary has a special problem. Because he gave up his guns and certificate voluntarily, his insurance doesn’t cover him. He has instructed solicitors to take Devon & Cornwall Constabulary to court, but he has to cover the costs himself. His advice to shooters is to read BASC’s page on gun seizures:

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