GPO Rangeguide 2800 10×50 rangefinding binoculars – review

Every deerstalker needs a good pair of binoculars, but until you’ve tried rangefinding binoculars you might not know just how useful they can be.

It’s not just about measuring the range before taking a shot; rangefinders can help you plan your stalk, as Richard Ryan from GPO’s UK distributor Raytrade explains. First, though, he enthuses about the quality and features of GPO’s Rangeguide 2800 10×50 laser rangefinder binoculars – the 2800 in the name refers to their 2,800 metre rangefinding capability.

“This is what I use myself – it’s absolutely brilliant,” he says. “The 10x power and 50mm objective lens are perfect for stalking. The light transmission is superb, they only weigh 1,000 grams, and come with a 10-year warranty.”

What really sets the GPO binos apart, though, is their rangefinding performance. “This is the fastest rangefinding binocular on the market,” Richard says. “It does .25 second pings at a continuous three pings a second, and it does angle and true ballistic range as well.”

That’s great for confirming the range and angle of a demanding shot, but how can rangefinding binoculars help you plan a stalk? “I use them to measure the distance between different points in the landscape,” Richard explains. “I’ll think ok, the deer are moving towards that point there, find a likely shooting position, and measure the distance to each. Then I can work out what the range will be when I get there.”

And there’s more. “Suppose you’re in a high seat, you shoot a deer and it runs. Before you set off, ping the distance to the spot where you saw it fall. Then when you can’t immediately find it, ping the high seat and you know if you’re too far, not far enough, or just right. Rangefinders really are incredibly useful, and the more you use them the more applications you find for them.”

RRP £1,399. Find out more at the Raytrade website.

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