YouTube gun channel ranking

This is the list of top gun channels on YouTube.

If you take YouTube to be a marker for general cultural popularity, gun channels are holding their own. Guns as TV entertainment saw a huge surge from 2018 to 2019, almost doubling in viewing popularity against other non-gun channels on YouTube. The index slipped back slightly in 2019, but not much.

There has been little change in the top ranked gun channels, except that Taofledermaus has slipped down the charts this year.

What remains remarkable is the amount of views these films accrue. The 70 channels we monitor have achieved 8 billion views between them, up a billion on the same time last year. In 2018, those views rose just 500 million. Two of the channels, Demolition Ranch and Hickok45, have more than a billion views each. This is despite YouTube threatening a rout of gun channels in February 2018. The strikes then turned out to be temporary and probably accidental – caused by the YouTube algorithm rather than human policy change. YouTube announced a position statement on guns and shooting in 2018 but there were no significant strikes or channel bans as a result of it. Channels that had early strikes, such as IraqVeteran8888, have regained their positions.

Channels that felt unwelcome on YouTube and moved to other media servers have started to move back. Jerry Miculek has returned from Facebook. YouTube is where the big audience is.

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