Hares on the edge in Scotland – Fieldsports News, 17 June 2020

Here are the links:

Greens ban blue hare shooting in Scotland – Fieldsports News
Are birdwatchers allowed to disturb nests? – Aberdeen Press & Journal
Natural England toys with wildfowling ban – BASC press release
Derbyshire police dismiss hunt sabs ‘exposé’ as nonsense – Facebook
Natural England refuses individual gull licences Fieldsports News + Facebook + Daily Telegraph + VG.no
Skint sab ‘media portal’ attacks police again – Fieldsports News
Suspects caught on camera after swans shot dead in Leeds – Fieldsports News
Swedish shooters slam ‘ridiculous’ EU lead legislation – Instagram
Spanish hunters help capture Rambo – Facebook
Africa’s safari tour companies devastated by lockdown – Reuters
Activists arrested after burying deadstock in farm CEO’s garden – Facebook + local news
Asia’s earliest known arrowheads – Science News

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