The magic of membranes – how Härkila clothes keep you dry

Härkila is highly regarded by hunters who rely on the clothing to keep them dry and comfortable in the toughest conditions – and as Härkila’s Simon Esnouf explains, the magic is in the membranes that they use.

“We use a mixture,” he says. “Some of our garments use Gore-Tex, like our Pro Hunter jacket. Others, like the lightweight Orton jacket, use our own membrane called HWS or Härkila Weather Systems. The HWS membrane is stretchy, which makes it ideal for shooting as it moves with you when you swing.”

Simon from Härkila demonstrates the benefits of a Gore-Tex membrane

Whichever membrane it is, the secret is having something that keeps water out but is also breathable. “A plastic bag would be 100% waterproof, but you’d get horribly wet from sweat almost instantly. It’s just not practical,” Simon explains.

“A Gore-Tex membrane, on the other hand, will keep water out and it’s also breathable so you’ll be drier on the inside. That is the principle that all membranes work on.”

He points out that the Gore-Tex membrane in Härkila Pro Hunter clothing has taped seams, so water can’t get in through the stitching holes. A liner inside the membrane goes next to your skin, making it warm and comfortable. The outer fabric completes the picture, providing a garment that is hardwearing, waterproof, warm and comfortable to wear – plus it’s almost silent as you move, a vital consideration for hunting.

Härkila's Pro Hunter has a Gore-Tex membrane with taped seams to keep you dry in any conditions

There are other garments in the Härkila range that use different fabrics and membranes to suit different situations. For instance when you’re mountain hunting you might need less waterproofing but more breathability, and that’s where a system such as Gore-Tex Infinium might be ideal.

Tanatex is proven to repel ticks and other insects

A recent development is tick-proof clothing, for stalking in areas where ticks are a problem. Härkila use a substance called Tanatex which repels ticks and other insects.

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