IWA 2019: shooting/hunting kit round-up

2019 was a quiet year for product launches at the European gun trade show IWA. Many products had already had their ‘moment in the sun’ on Instagram and Facebook, or are enjoying their European launch following a first viewing at ShotShow. The spirit of innovation remains strong and designers with the brief of improving existing products pulled out the stops to produce a blast of new technology.


The latest from Browning includes an upgraded X-Bolt rifle


122 years ago, Ludwig Loewe joined Mauser and founded the Deutschen Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken in Berlin. Now the old alliance with Mauser is renewed and DWM is back with the M98 DWM rifle


Red dot sights

Aimpoint comes out with its H-2 rifle sight with 6MOA red dot. Full story here


K2 red dot sight from Kite Optics – an upgrade and lower profile than the K1


Rifle scopes

Leica launches its Fortis riflescope. Promo video here:

Zeiss is making greater efforts to explain its range and has brought out a series of useful posters. Here is Zeiss’s poster for its riflescope range. Click on the image to see it full size


Blaser extends its range of calibers for the R8 witha new caliber, the 8.5×55 Blaser, suitable for vermin up to moose and large antelope. Press release here



Sig Sauer showed off the ASP20 break barrel air rifle it launched at ShotShow 2019.  Available in .177 and .22 calibers, this suppressed single-shot, Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) air rifle delivers down-range power and accuracy with the lightest cocking effort in its class, making it ideal for hunting small game.



Harkila launches its new thermal vest. Full story here


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