Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s Muntjac Hunt, episode 485

Roy Lupton is deerstalking with a brand new riflescope. It’s the Leica Fortis, just launched at IWA 2019. He is culling muntjac and roe on behalf of local farmers. We are keeping British food on kitchen tables in this week’s show. Andy Crow is a farm manager and he has troubles deer too. He is stalking fallow deer and, after dark, he is shooting rabbits. Plus we are at the gun trade show IWA 2019, there’s Hunting YouTube and David is on the News Stump in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Muntjac stalking

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Moorland gamekeepers get good headlines from report
BBC makes promotional film for hunt saboteurs

Hunt sabs in action

Hunt saboteurs ‘turn fox into the path of hounds’
Sussex foxhunter killed in fall
BASC backs the British Game Alliance
NGO charity shoot at Six Mile Bottom
Berlin allows bowhunting boars
Boar spread to Rutland
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