Jack Pyke new Digicam camouflage clothing – review

Jack Pyke are continually researching and developing new products and designs, and their English Oak camouflage pattern, designed specifically for the British countryside, has proved popular with UK shooters and effective in the field.

Their latest camo pattern is Digicam, a computer-generated, pixellated blend of earth tones that helps conceal you at various distances. At close range it shows small, detailed shapes, while at longer distances the shapes blend to create a larger pattern.

The new Digicam pattern is available in a range of practical clothing for shooting and stalking including Softshell Jacket and Trousers, a T-shirt, Armour top and Softshell Baseball Hat.

Andy Crow says the pattern blends well and keeps him hidden from the pigeons

We asked two of our experts for their opinion about the new Digicam range. Piigeonshooter Andy Crow is particularly keen on the hoodie. “I do love a hoodie, and this new camouflage really works well,” he says. “You can see how it blends in. You’ve got the dark colours with light bits, just like you find in the woods, specially as you get into the winter..”

“Some people say you don’t need camo but I always think that if people can’t see you then the pigeons can’t see you, and that’s what matters to me. I absolutely love it.”

Jason Doyle find the clothing great for stalking and says the Digicam breaks up his outline

Jason Doyle is a big fan too. “I’m predominantly a rifle shooter, and I think the Digicam is great for summertime stalking on open ground. If you’re trying to approach deer on open ground without much natural cover, it breaks up your outline and helps you blend in.”

Jason also likes the fact that Digicam doesn’t have the military look of other camo patterns such as the ubiquitous DPM. “That can have a bad public perception, which is awkward if you stop to fill up at a petrol station for instance. The clothing is lightweight, easy to move in and quiet as well which is important, and the fact that it breaks up your outline is a bonus for me.”

Prices range from £11.50 for the Softshell Baseball Hat to £59.95 for the Softshell Jacket.

Find out more at JackPyke.co.uk.

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