Leica has a new entry-level riflescope. Of course, entry level to a top-end name such as Leica does not mean it is under £1,000. However, Tim Pilbeam says that for the money – £1,400 – you get all the Leica quality most of us could want.

Tim tried out the 2.5-15×56, which has 6x magnification, parallax, and ten settings on the illuminated reticle. 

Tim has been using it during the autumn of 2020 and calls it “a really, really good hunting scope.

“We had two fallow bucks in a field. I was on my binos and spotting with the thermal. Carlos was shooting. We were waiting for them to get close enough for a safe shot. It was at that last ten minutes. I kept saying ‘can you see it?’. Even after I couldn’t see it in my binos, Carlos could still see it through the scope.”

The new Leica Amplus 6

It is prced around
£1,400. For more, visit Leica.

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