Leupold RX-1600i rangefinder – pro stalker review

As a professional deer manager and stalking guide, Owen Beardsmore demands the best kit. He’s been trying out the Leupold range of optics, and is particularly impressed with the RX-1600i rangefinder.

“I wasn’t used to using a rangefinder, but this is a lovely bit of kit,” he says. “It’s lightweight, ergonomic, waterproof and rugged – and it does its job. You just bring it to your eye, press the button and it gives you the range, simple as that.”

Owen says he’s only used a fraction of the RX-1600i’s abilities. “I basically just use it to tell clients the distance of a shot, or to work out what the range will be when I get to a shooting position. But it will work in conjunction with your scope to give True Ballistic Range at angles up and down hill, and help calculate allowance for wind.”

The Leupold RX-1600i offers 6x magnification and runs on a CR2 lithium battery. It measures distances with extreme accuracy up to 1600 metres, and costs a little over £500.

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