Liverpool’s attack on shooting sports – Fieldsports Channel News, 16 October 2019

Here are the items

Mayor of Liverpool attacks shooting sports – Fieldsports News
Boris Johnson wants to ban hunting tourism –
Stop Chris Packham in Yorkshire – Contact Simon Grace via Facebook
Buzzard found shot in North Yorkshire – police press release
Angus Glens estate for sale – The Courier newspaper
Antis want Duke of Kent ban – Daily Record
Greens plans to reforest grouse moors
Lush soap covered in pigeon poo – The Sun
Robin Foxer spots UFO – YouTube
Waffenland man breaks leg – YouTube
Inventor finds way of catching spent cartridges – news story
WWF slams Danish anti-boar fence – news story
Zoo poses deer to poachers – news story
Deer breaks into shop – YouTube
US hunters file action against mountain bikers – press release
Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition – Saudi Gazette
Spanish poacher car chase – YouTube