Lord Botham talks grouseshooting

Lord Botham talks to Charlie Jacoby about grouseshooting, cricket and the meaning of life at the 2021 Game Fair. The interview takes place in the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre.

As the Glorious 12th August 2021 approaches, Lord Botham has been playing an active part in the fightback against anti-shooters who are trying to get the sport banned.

In the Daily Star, Lord Botham taught celebrity Chris Packham a thing or two about birds. The cricket legend took to Twitter to congratulate grousemoor managers responsible for the hen harrier population rising for the fourth year in a row and posted a link to the data. He said TV presenter Packham and Wild Justice were holding the graph the wrong way up and described them as ‘comedians’ for insisting there is a ‘continuing catastrophic decline of the hen harrier in England’.

It has been a tough year for the antis as they try to get their ideological message across, as this film shows:

Among other lobbying Lord Botham is doing, he has hit out at a government plan to bump up the importance of animal sentience in English law. The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill would enshrine in law the principle that animals are sentient and would create an animal sentience committee that could stop projects and activities that it decides have an impact on sentience. Lord Botham has described the proposals as ‘bizarre’, adding: ‘I really do struggle to have a soft spot for a prawn.’  

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