Ever looked and a deer and felt hungry? In the latest in his series Rucksack & Rifle, Tim Pilbeam is hunting red stags for their meat. He is out in a Portuguese national park with Sergio Coutoand his pal Tiago.

▶ If you want to hunt with Sergio and Tiago in Scotland or Portugal, go to SercoutWildHarvest.com
▶ Contact Tim Pilbeam at tim@rucksackandrifle.co.uk
▶ Tim uses a Steyr. For more about their rifles, go to Steyr-Arms.com
▶ Tim uses Kite Optics. Visit KiteOptics.com
▶ For Harkila clothing, visit Harkila.com
▶ Click here for all our films with Tim

This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 470 Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain470


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