Fieldsports Britain – Stag Stalking Special

Roy Lupton is whistling in sika stags with Ryan and Mike from Jelen Premier Wildlife Services. It’s not easy. Warm weather is having a bad effect on the sika rut. Roy tries to call in a massive old sika stag with both antlers and a whistle.

Meanwhile, Tim Pilbeam is after red stags, first cousin to the reds. Tim is in Portugal with Sergio Couto on a meat hunt.

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Sika stags

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Red stags

If you want to hunt with Sergio and Tiago in Scotland or Portugal, go to
Contact Tim Pilbeam at
Tim uses a Steyr. For more about their rifles, go to
Tim uses Kite Optics. Visit
For Harkila clothing, visit
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Jack Pyke Ashcombe set
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News is sponsored by Percussion
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British antis turn their fire on MPs shooting at Catton Hall
Molecatching angers antis
Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition
Hunters for the Hungry
Gamekeeper David and his performing grouse
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