Calling Sika Stags in the Rut

Roy is out with the guys from Jelen Premier, trying to get on to a big old sika stag. They use every calling trick in the book. Find out how they get on. ▶ For more about the Blaser R8 Roy uses, visit ▶ Click here for the Leica Magnus scope ▶ For Jelen […]

Fieldsports Britain – Stag Stalking Special

Roy Lupton is whistling in sika stags with Ryan and Mike from Jelen Premier Wildlife Services. It’s not easy. Warm weather is having a bad effect on the sika rut. Roy tries to call in a massive old sika stag with both antlers and a whistle. Meanwhile, Tim Pilbeam is after red stags, first cousin […]

Meat hunting in Portugal

Ever looked and a deer and felt hungry? In the latest in his series Rucksack & Rifle, Tim Pilbeam is hunting red stags for their meat. He is out in a Portuguese national park with Sergio Coutoand his pal Tiago. ▶ If you want to hunt with Sergio and Tiago in Scotland or Portugal, go […]


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