Mike Robinson on the Savage 110 Ultralite rifle

Mike Robinson is a big fan of Savage rifles. As a professional deer manager and game chef he uses them daily, and values their accuracy, smooth operation and ruggedness. He’s excited about his latest acquisition, a Savage 110 Ultralite in 6.5mm Creedmoor.

“Not only is it incredibly light, it’s delightful to put in your shoulder, a lovely rifle,” he says. “I recently took this rifle to Letterewe in Scotland. It’s an old school west coast stalking estate where there are no vehicles, only ponies, and we were doing 15-18 miles a day stalking stags and hinds on the crossover of the seasons. I carried this rifle for five days straight and it was a delight.”

The 100 Ultralite shares many of the features Mike loves about his 110 High Country

Mike explains that at first glance the 110 Ultralite looks like a heavy barrelled rifle, but the barrel is wrapped with carbon fibre and the receiver is skeletonised, giving an overall weight of just under 6lbs (2.63kg).

“I was dubious about how accurate and useable a carbon fibre wrapped barrel would be – but it’s amazing,” he says. One thing he particularly likes is that the rifle isn’t top-heavy when you put it over your shoulder on the sling. “It balances beautifully on the shoulder. It doesn’t rotate off your back, which is an issue with heavy barrelled rifles. There’s no sign of it tipping even when I’m looking uphill.”

The Ultralite shares a lot of the features that Mike likes about his other Savage 110 rifle the High Country, including the recessed safety catch at the top of the grip, a fluted bolt, and the two-bladed AccuTrigger with the added safety that provides when stalking into position.

It might look like a heavy barrel, but the carbon fibre wrap is incredibly light

Being so light the rifle has a little more recoil that Mike’s Savage 110 High Country in the same 6.5mm Creedmoor calibre, so he has fitted a larger moderator which reduces that. “Without the mod it’s super-compact, with a 22in barrel, and makes a lovely bush gun,” Mike says. “It would be fabulous for driven hunting too. It’s a lovely rifle and I can see myself using it for years to come. I just think it’s ace.”

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