Why Mike Robinson shoots the Savage 110 High Country rifle

Mike Robinson’s rifles are the tools of his trade. As a professional deer manager and game chef he uses them daily, and demands faultless performance in all conditions.

His go-to deer rifle is the Savage 110 High Country. “I love proper old fashioned bolt-action rifles, and what I love about the Savage is it’s brutally accurate, very rugged and hardwearing, plus it has a lovely action,” he says.

Mike owns two Savage 110s, and the High Country is the heavyweight of the two. “I like quite a heavy rifle,” he says. “I find it very nice to use. This one has an AccuStock, with metal embedded in it to make it very strong.”

Mike has used the Savage 110 High Country for over a year, and harvested a good many deer with it

He likes the rifle’s features and handling too. “The action is very smooth to operate, and I can work the bolt quickly with the gun in my shoulder. I love the thumb-operated safety catch too. It’s set in a recess, so unlike a side safety catch it can’t be knocked off ‘safe’ accidentally. It has two stages: the first means I can open the bolt but it won’t fire; the second allows the gun to fire.”

The Accu Trigger has a safety element to it as well, with a central, thin blade that must be depressed before the main blade can be pulled to fire the gun. It means the rifle can’t fire if it’s dropped, or the trigger catches on something as you’re stalking into position.

The trigger design ensures the rifle can't be fired by accidentally knocking the trigger blade

“Other things I love about this rifle… The stock is very ergonomic, it’s easy to remove the bolt, and it’s got a fantastic drop-out magazine made of metal, not plastic. Plus I can top load if I need to, without removing the magazine.”

“It’s all good, practical, simple stuff. I’ve used this rifle for the last 15 months and I’ve shot a lot of deer with it. It’s super accurate, super reliable, and at around £1,500 it’s phenomenal value for money. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

Watch Rob Dunlea-Jones, of Edgar Brothers, describing the features of the Savage 110 High Country at www.fieldsportschannel.tv/savage-110-high-country/

Find out more about the Savage 110 range on the Edgar Brothers website

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