Moderators, suppressors, silencers – they are becoming more and more popular worldwide as countries relax their restrictions on them. So which ones are the Fieldsports Channel viewers buying?

A massive 3,500 of you responded to our March 2020 survey about kit and 10% of those answered the section on rifle moderators.

We asked you to rate your mods, giving them up to five stars for various attributes. And you tell us that:

  • Norwegian moderator company A-TEC has the best reputation for accuracy
  • Reflex moderators – the maker of that old stalwart the T8 – gets your vote for efficacy – how well it works.
  • DPT wins for ease of maintenance and value for money, and it takes joint honours for customer service with rimfire-only moderator brand SAK.

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The big prize is the most popular manufacturer and there is a clear winner, streets ahead of the rest.

In third place comes Finnish company Ase Utra, second goes to Swedish company Stalon, and the winner with more than 20% of the market of Fieldsports Channel viewers is a British company: Wildcat.

As for your favourite moderator model, the top three are all for centrefires:

In third place is the Reflex T8, second goes to the Ase Utra Jet-Z – I was impressed by viewer Phil from the UK who says he has the Ase Utra Jay-Z – and the winner by another long chalk, it’s the Wildcat Evolution.

There you are: thinking of a new moderator? Buy British, a slogan from 1968, originally promoted by the later disgraced newspaper proprietor Robert Maxwell. Bet you didn’t know that.

Here’s Robbie Sheddon from Cluny County Store on why you need to clean your mod:

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