TV News grouseshooting contempt – Fieldsports News, 23 September 2020

Here are the links:

Channel 4 News targets moor managers in rule-breaking report – YouTube
Channel 4 complaints: Ofcom and Channel 4 – we want to complain that (1) Channel 4 News is prejudging the goshawk case before it comes to court (contempt of court?) and (2) it is ‘jumping’ the shoot, similar to this case where a BBC reporter jumped a hunt master
Nestcam captures rare hen harrier behaviour – Facebook
Anti badger cull group releases names of shooters – Fieldsports News
Cops ‘turning blind eye’ to illegal hunts, sabs claim – Independent
Hunt sab ‘guilty’ of tampering with video evidence – Leicester Mercury
Arrest made in Bedfordshire stolen dog probe – BBC
GunsOnPegs gunmaker event moves online
Swiss to vote on wolf hunting – Swiss government
Mysterious elephant deaths now blamed on algae – BBC
US states warned of ‘feral swine bomb’ – Undark magazine
US prepares for National Hunting and Fishing Day
Giant London fox shot – Fieldsports News

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