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If you sign up as an annual member of the Fieldsports Nation your membership will automatically renew each year, unless you select otherwise or choose to cancel.

Renewing your membership is easy. You can do it from a desktop computer or a tablet or a mobile device.

  1. Simply log in to your account in the Members Area, this is located in the top right hand side of the website. The system will remember your email/username and password.

  2. Click on My Account my-account

  3. Click on Orders my-account/orders

  4. Click on View to see your most recent order

  5. Click on the product Fieldsports Nation Monthly membership

  6. Click on Sign up Now. This product will then be added to your shopping basket. Make sure you only click once otherwise there will be multiple membership in your basket.

  7. Scroll down the page and Proceed to Checkout

  8. You will then be taken to the Payment Page when you enter your payment details.

  9. Once you have finished entering your payment details click Sign up Now. Once payment is cleared your membership will have been renewed.

If you need to update your payment details, for example if you have a new credit or debit card, you can also do this in the Members Area once you are logged in.

  1. Click on My Account my-account

  2. Click on Orders my-account/orders

  3. Click ‘View’ on the most recent order

  4. Click ‘View’ on the Related Subscription

  5. You can then see options to change the payment details

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If you need any help, we're here for you.

Thank you for being a part of the Fieldsports Nation, You are awesome! If you have any questions about the way your membership works or anything about your account then please use the form here.



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